Professor Andrew Protheroe

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Professor Andrew Protheroe is a Medical Oncologist within the University of Oxford department of Oncology at the Oxford Cancer and Haematology Centre. He has specialised in Urological Oncology since 2001.  He trained at St Thomas’s Hospital in London and after general medical training in London, trained in Oncology at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds.

His PhD was in immunology (immune reconstitution following high dose chemotherapy) and the research was at Leeds and at the National Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.   He has been Clinical Director of Oncology and chair of the Oxford Cancer Directorate Therapeutics Committee and member of the Oxfordshire Cancer Treatment Panel.  Also the lead clinician for testicular cancer with the Thames Valley Network.

Clinical Research Interests

His research interests include clinical development of novel therapies in urological cancer, he also has an interest in generating clinical data for research and database development.  He has been a member of the NCRI CSG for both Renal and Bladder cancer. Currently a member of the chemotherapy sub-group of the bladder CSG and the Testicular Cancer NCRI CSG since 2014. Currently Co-Clinical director for the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) Thames Valley and South Midlands LCRN (Local Clinical Research Network) and Lead Clinician for Late Phase Oncology research within Oncology at Oxford.


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Case reports
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